Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kids and School

Ok moms (and stay at home dads). It is time to admit it. As much as we love our kids there is nothing better than when you can send the last one off to their first day of school. We love that quiet that hits the house for the first time in years. But there is one thing I am guilty of and that is not giving that time up occasionally for the school.

Our schools are fighting to try to make ends meet. You want your kids to be in the best school? The time you give to your school will help them be better. It gives the teachers a little help they need, but the school cannot afford.

I volunteered my time to help my son's class with celebrating their 100th day of school yesterday. It felt great and my son was in heaven. I realized that one of my fondest memories was when my mom came into my school as a kid and I could show off how smart and cool she was. Yes this has to be done before they are preteens. My son was so excited, the teacher grateful, and I had a blast!

So talk to your kids teachers and ask if you can go help out a few days a month. I promise you will feel better for doing so.

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