Friday, February 5, 2010

Dryer Sheets

Yes it has been too long. The good news is I have stumbled upon the best cleaning tip I have found in a long time. Thanks to a friend I have found other uses for dryer sheets. It started with her facebook post that they clean up hard water like a dream, and then my sister tried it for her entire bathroom. It even gets up that pesky hairspray residue! So I just tried it on the sink that was long ago (before I moved in) gunked up with soap scum and who knows what. I tried everything to clean that and nothing worked. . . until dryer sheets. So the secret is to wet them down, wipe the surface with them, and then wipe them again with a paper towel or dry washcloth. Use it for the whole bathroom. I would test it on a spot where you cannot see first, and I woould not use it on marble or granite.

So after this wonderful find I decided to look into it more and found many more uses other than keeping your closets smelling good, in the clothes dryer, and reducing static. So try a few of these:

1.) Put a sheet on your patio to repel some insects like mosquitoes.
2.) Great to clean soap scum and hard water stains.
3.) When sewing run the needle through a dryer sheet to keep the thread from tangling.
4.) Put in in a dish that has baked food on it overnight. It will loosen the food that is stuck on.
5.) Wipe up sawdust. (You can even reuse one that has already been put into the dryer.)
6.) Put one inside a shoe overnight to remove the oder.
7.) Soak paintbrushed in warm water with a dryer sheet to remove latex paint easier.
8.) Boil in water in an old pan that you won't use to cook with later to freshen your house.

There are so many uses that it would take an entire page just to list them. These are some of my favorite. I haven't tried them all yet, but I will be using them everywhere!